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Thursday, 15 July 2010

This has got to be the smallest foal ever ?


Friday, 11 June 2010

Equi-store has had a very busy show season. With the good weather it has helped to make our local shows a great success and we hope it has been successful for our customers; it is nice to come home with some ribbons. It has been many years since I last competed with my horse “Sweeney Todd”
It was one of those days when the sun shone from the first class of the day to the last of the day which was the Senior Open. Four of us went clear this meant I had three riders and the course builder to compete against in the jump off. The first horse went clear with a good time the other two had cricket scores. What to do, the fact that the first horse clear there was only one thing to do, go for it. The bell rang the horse was flying we were clearing the fences at a wining pace suddenly the last fence in front of us treble. leg on keeping good contact up and over the first part two stride then up and over the second part leg on up and out of the saddle meeting the final part of the treble. As we landed the sound you do not want to hear the dull thump of the pole landing on the grass.
A good day show jumping but it could have been great had I just shortened going into the third part of the treble. Horses are a great leveller.
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Monday, 24 May 2010

Horse Worming Advice

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Always read the instructions and warnings supplied with your wormer. There is a wealth of information included with each of pack of horse wormer.
A scheme or programme based on rotation when worming is thought to be best for equines.
However when worming a new horse without knowing the history of any worming scheme or programme it may have been on and to find out if your horse has a high or low worm burden. Have your veterinary surgeon carry out a worm count on the horses droppings. This is relatively inexpensive and your local vet should be able to do this for you.
It is important to know the weight of your horse. This is helpful when calculating the quantity of horse wormer required.
You can purchase a weight tape from the bottom of the wormer page on this web site. Click here
Never under dose. This can result in worms building up resistance to specific wormers
It is wise to have other animals such as sheep or cows to graze side by side with your horse as this helps to reduce the worm cycle in the field or paddock.
Pick up your horses droppings in your field or paddock as often as possible.
All horses in the yard should be wormed at the same time and any new comers should be wormed and isolated away from other horses for at least 48 hours.
Never over stock your field or paddock with horses
There is a worming calendar on Equi-store Guide to Horse Worming page which will allow you to work out your own worming programme for your horses and ponies.
Remember all horse are individuals and should be treated as such when it comes to worming and choosing the correct worming product for your animal.
This is just a small number of points, followed should stand you in good stead for a healthy, happy horse.

If you are in any doubt about your horses well-being consult your vet.